About Us

Occupational Environmental Health Solutions, Inc.

About UsWe are a national, full-service Industrial Hygiene consulting firm that originated in 1999. Clients are served from our Chatham, Illinois office, which is a suburb of the state capital, Springfield. The firm specializes in traditional Industrial Hygiene and Indoor Air Quality. OEHS, Inc. has completed projects in thirty-two states and provinces throughout the United States and Canada. These projects range in size from simple Industrial Hygiene (IH) or Indoor Air Quality (IAQ) surveys/investigations to large, complex industrial hygiene audits and project designs for medical centers, commercial buildings, schools, universities, and office buildings. Since 1977, OEHS, Inc. personnel have completed over 7,500 IH and IAQ assessments, audits, and inspections.

What Can You Expect From OEHS?

  • A complete range of Industrial Hygiene services, from surveys and training to Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA) program audits.
  • A team of qualified scientists including an Industrial Hygiene staff, led by a certified industrial hygienist, who understand the ever changing regulations that govern workplace health and safety.
  • An experienced, professional team to help you improve productivity, protect your employees, reduce employer liability and achieve regulatory compliance.

Services provided by OEHS, Inc. include comprehensive Industrial Hygiene audits, air monitoring surveys, health & safety training, construction plan review to preclude design issues for indoor air quality and industrial hygiene, indoor air quality investigations for both microbiological and chemical contaminates, fungal “mold” abatement design and specification development, occupational noise surveys, hearing conservation programs, community noise surveys, respiratory protection programs and respirator fit testing, evaluation & design of industrial ventilation systems and safety audits. Every project undertaken by OEHS, Inc. is given full and careful attention by our staff.

Keeping current with the latest occupational health and safety standards is a constant struggle. The increasing number of new regulations being promulgated into law makes just obtaining copies of the documents difficult. If your company depends upon you to monitor environmental factors and stresses in the workplace, the larger burden of time is reading, digesting, understanding and applying this voluminous information. OEHS, Inc. offers industrial hygiene and safety experts with the knowledge and skills in the areas of chemical, physical, biological and ergonomic hazards and the latest information on OSHA laws which will help make your organization a better place to work by reducing the potential for unnecessary workmen’s compensation costs and regulatory agency non-compliance fines.

The founding partner and corporate principal is Jim Barnes, a Certified Industrial Hygienist. Mr. Barnes brings extensive experience to the leadership of the business and is an active, hands-on executive who is personally involved in each OEHS, Inc. project undertaken. Below are some of the highlights of Mr. Barnes extensive continuing education vitae.

Continuing Education

DVA Engineering Training Center/1986/Hazardous Waste Management/40 Hours
DVA Engineering Training Center/1988/Indoor Air Quality/8 Hours
American Society of Hospital Engineering of the American Hospital Association/1988/Compliance with JCAHO Plant Technology & Safety Management Standard/16 Hours
Michigan Industrial Hygiene Association/1989/ Industrial Hygiene Perspective’/8 Hours
Nuclear Regulatory Commission/1989/Radiation Safety Workshop/40 Hours
American Industrial Hygiene Association/1990/Qualitative Respirator Fit Testing/8 Hours
American Industrial Hygiene Association/1991/Radio-Frequency & Microwave Radiation Protection/8 Hours
American Industrial Hygiene Association/1991/Assessing Bioaerosols in the Workplace Environment/ 8 Hours
EPA/1991/Hazardous Waste Operations & Emergency Response Health & Safety Training/40 Hours
Northwestern University/1992/Radiation Safety for Radiation Safety Officers/40 Hours
Argus Associates/1993/Confined Space Entry Training/8 Hours
American Industrial Hygiene Association/1993/Non-Ionizing Radiation Workshop/4 Hours
American Industrial Hygiene Association/1994/Indoor Air Quality Workshop/8 Hours
American Industrial Hygiene Association/1995/Human Aspects of Indoor Air Quality/ 8 Hours
American Industrial Hygiene Association/1995/Business Development of the Industrial Hygiene Consultant/8 Hours
Illinois Department of Transportation/1995/Confined Space Awareness Training/8 Hours
American Industrial Hygiene Association/1996/Applied Ergonomics/8 Hours
American Industrial Hygiene Association/1996/Ergonomic Symposia/8 Hours
Niton Corporation/1996/XRF Lead Instrument Training/16 Hours
Brush-Wellman/1997/Beryllium Workshop/8 Hours
American Industrial Hygiene Association/1997/Indoor Air Quality Workshop/8 Hours
St. Louis University/1998/Lead Based-Paint Risk Assessor/24 Hours
American Industrial Hygiene Association/1999/Bioaerosols and the Indoor Environment/8 Hours
American Industrial Hygiene Association/1999/Advanced Topics in Noise Monitoring/ 8 Hours
Hanson Engineers Incorporated/1999/Risk Management Symposia/8 Hours
American Industrial Hygiene Association/2000/Advanced Topics in Microbiological Indoor Air Quality/8 Hours
American Indoor Air Quality Council/2001/Strategies for Conducting Meaningful Microbial IAQ Investigations/24 Hours
American Industrial Hygiene Association/2001/Indoor Air Quality Issues in Hot & Humid Environments/8 Hours
MidAtlantic Environmental Hygiene Resource Center/2002/Investigating & Assessing Biological & Microbiological Contamination in the Indoor Environment/20 Hours
MidAtlantic Environmental Hygiene Resource Center/2002/Developing Remediation Strategies & Writing Specifications for a Mold Abatement Project/8 Hours
American Industrial Hygiene Association/2002/Prevention, Determination, and Remediation of Biological Contamination in Indoor Environments/8 Hours
MidAtlantic Environmental Hygiene Resource Center/ 2003/ Preventing Moisture Problems in Buildings/8 Hours
Institute of Inspection Cleaning and Restoration/2003/Water Damage Restoration Course/12 Hours
American Industrial Hygiene Association/2003/Environmental Mold: State of the Science, State of the Art/8 Hours
American Industrial Hygiene Association/2003/What Industrial Hygienists Need to Know About Building and Construction to Identify and Resolve IAQ Problems/8 Hours
American Conference of Governmental Industrial Hygienists/2003/Mold Remediation: The National Quest for Uniformity Symposium/24 Hours
American Industrial Hygiene Association/2004/Mold symposium Fungal Contamination Current Concerns and Industrial Hygiene Practice/8 Hours
American Industrial Hygiene Association/2005/Legal Aspects of Mold Investigations/8 Hours
American Industrial Hygiene Association/2006/Microsoft Excel Industrial Hygiene Applications/8 Hours
Indoor Air Quality Total Course Hours – 200 Hours
Traditional Industrial Hygiene Issues – 320 Hours