Educational Facilities

Educational Facilities

  • Asbestos Bulk Sampling
  • Asbestos Abatent Oversight & Monitoring
  • Air Sampling for Asbestos & Lead
  • Lead-Paint Testing
  • Mold Investigations Asbestos Building Surveys & Testing
  • Indoor Air Quality Investigations

On numerous occasions OEHS has provided periodic baseline lead based paint, Lead Water Testing, Asbestos and Fungal Sampling for educational institutions. This is a proactive, cost effective approach to building maintenance and assists in the elimination of disgruntled (unhappy) employee or student/parent complaints.

This approach allows your school district to contest parent and/or teacher complaints of compromised immune systems, pre-existing medical conditions or building maintenance issues concerning fungal contamination before they are recognized. This provides administrators and other concerned parties with information, from a third party professional and reliable source, that will allow them to recognize and verify what normal building conditions are, as well as what makes a healthful environment.

This type of periodic sampling can also be used in the event of a catastrophic occurrence such as a storm or flood to demonstrate to your insurance carrier that there was not an issue prior to the incident. Pre-event monitoring can and will save time and money during a crises or a health concern.

OEHS has a staff of Industrial Hygienists directed by a Certified Industrial Hygienist that can provide the expertise and a monitoring strategy at reasonable rates. A sampling strategy can be developed that will target the area of concern, or be as comprehensive as necessary.

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