Health & Safety Training Services

Health & Safety Training Services

A strong safety program begins with training OEHS has conducted thousands of hours of training. If it is OSHA mandated training or shorter segments that are designed to be completed at the beginning of each work shift known as Toolbox Talks or Tailgate Meetings.

These Toolbox Talks or Tailgate Meetings are informal group discussions that focus on a particular safety issue. These tools can be used daily to promote your company safety culture and current events. Toolbox talks are also intended to facilitate health and safety discussions among the employees. Listed below are samples of some of the topics OEHS can provide to your organization.

Health and Safety Formal Training Programs Including but Not Limited To:

1. Asbestos
2. Ammonia & Hydrogen Training
3. Blood Borne Pathogens
4. Chemical & Biological PPE
5. Compressed Gas Cylinders
6. Confined Space
7. Crane & Hoist Safety – Rigging
8. Crane Safety
9. Electrical Safety
10. Eye & Face Protection
11. Fall Protection
12. Fire Extinguishers Safety
13. Flammable Materials
14. Flood Safety

15. Globally Harmonized Training
16. Hazard Communication
17. Hazard Recognition
18. Hazardous Substances
19. Hazardous Waste Site Worker (Spill Prevention)
20. Hearing Conservation (Noise)
21. Instruments
22. Ionizing Radiation
23. Ladder Safety
24. Laser Safety
25. Laser Training
26. Lead Based Paint
27. Lockout Tagout
28. Machine Guarding

29. Mercury Safety
30. Nonionizing Radiation
31. OSHA Recordkeeping
32. Personal Protective Equipment(PPE)
33. Powered Truck Training
34. Respiratory Protection
35. Scaffold Safety
36. Silica
37. Stairs and Ladder Safety
38. Toxicology
39. Trenching & Excavations
40. Types of Dust
41. Walk & Working Surfaces
42. Welding/Cutting (Hot Work)